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Pineapple Margarita Cocktail Recipe

Wed, Jul 03, 24  |  tequila cocktail

Refreshing recipe for a Pineapple Margarita, combining the tropical flavor of pineapple with the classic Margarita twist:


  • 2 oz (60 ml) silver tequila
  • 1 oz (30 ml) triple sec or orange liqueur
  • 1 oz (30 ml) fresh lime juice
  • 2 oz (60 ml) pineapple juice
  • 1/2 oz (15 ml) agave nectar or simple syrup (adjust to taste)
  • Ice
  • Pineapple wedge or slice for garnish


Prepare the Glass: Rim a margarita glass with salt, if desired. You can do this by running a lime wedge along the rim and then dipping it in a plate of salt.

Mix the Cocktail: In a cocktail shaker, combine the silver tequila, triple sec or orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, and agave nectar or simple syrup.

Shake: Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds to chill the mixture well.

Serve: Strain the cocktail into the prepared margarita glass filled with fresh ice.

Garnish: Garnish with a pineapple wedge or slice on the rim of the glass.

Enjoy: Your Pineapple Margarita is ready to enjoy! It's perfect for a tropical twist on the classic Margarita, with the sweetness of pineapple complementing the tang of lime and the smoothness of tequila.

Feel free to adjust the sweetness by adding more or less agave nectar or simple syrup, depending on your taste preferences. Cheers!

By Jason Zheng

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